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Say hello to micro-greens!

These stylish and nutrient-packed little flavour-bombs have been a valuable ingredient with chefs for many years, giving vibrant textures and excitement to a wide variety of dishes and smoothies etc.


Now we feature them as much more than just a garnish (though they’re still terrific for that, of course!) and we’re creating many exciting micro-greens recipes in their own right.

These early leaves are loaded with nutrients like vitamins C, E and K, lutein and caroteine in much greater concentrations than in the equivalent mature leaves. Those mature leaves are important for providing the fibre etc that our bodies need, so it’s not a question of mature-or-micro: enjoy plenty of both!

A bit about me…

I’m Ross Pavey, a Sussex chef who’s been creating and cooking with micro-greens for more than twenty years. Now I’ve started to farm them myself, and I’m discovering even more about just how good they can be for us all when they’re used raw or cooked in all sorts of ways.


Get Your Greens

Proudly grown in the heart of Sussex. We supply restaurants, hotels, shops, farm shops and homes in Sussex with microgreens.

For a weekly or fortnightly subscription, or for trade enquiries, please get in touch.


Weekly Subscription

Our subscription box comes in two sizes. The large box is £5.50. The small box is £3.50. Both boxes contain our selection of the microgreens we grow on the farm. We deliver on the day we harvest to make sure you receive our microgreens as fresh as can be.

Contains some of the following

Sunflowers, Pea tendrils, pink stem radish, broccoli, red cabbage, watercress, kohlrabi, nasturtiums, fenugreek, Mexican marigold, coriander, red vein sorrel, red and white mustard. *

* If there is another microgreen you are looking for, please do ask.


The Crop


TinyKitchenUK MicroGreens

Westfield Farm
Rickney Lane, Downash
East Sussex,

BN27 2RP

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